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Welcome to the Capital Driving School Blog.

Join us as we celebrate the successes of our pupils who have passed the practical driving test and gained their well deserved independence. We are driven by customer success and have many customer reviews on our website-


Your course of driving lessons should be perfectly structured and tailored to your ability to ensure the most efficient learning process. This is paramount. However, this is more easily achieved when you learn in a relaxed and at times fun environment. We believe that combining structured lessons and a relaxed in-car environment is the most effective way for you to learn to drive and pass the driving test in the shortest time possible. We want you to pass your driving test at the first attempt and have put together 8 simple steps to ensure your first time success.

8 Steps for a First Time Pass.

No 1. Your Driving Lessons Must Be Consistent.

You will benefit greatly from having regular lessons.

Learner drivers that maintain consistent lessons progress a lot quicker than those who don’t.

If possible having longer lessons either 1.5, or 2 hours at a time, or having 2 lessons per week, will enable you to learn much quicker.

Having one hour driving lessons will always cost you more money overall. It will take up to 15 minutes to have a recap of your previous lesson, then set an objective for the current lesson and then drive to the area needed to practice. Often a learner driver will need up to 15 minutes to ‘warm up’ or get back ‘into the groove’ before they settle down and remember what they were doing previously.

It is very difficult to learn to drive in a reasonable amount of time when you only do, a one hour driving lesson per week.









No 2. You Should Always Be Prepared For Your Driving Lesson

You are paying for your driving lesson. Do whatever is necessary to make the best of it.

You will benefit greatly if you think about your previous lesson and use visualisation techniques before you come for your lesson.

You will reap the rewards if you think about your driving between lessons.













No 3. Your Previous Lesson Should Always Be Recapped At The Beginning Of Your Current Lesson

This is much more important than it may seem.

What you have learnt previously will be checked by your driving instructor by a series of questions. There is no point learning something new if you haven’t grasped the content of your last lesson.

The theory behind your lesson should be understood to help eliminate faults when you begin to practice the skill.











No 4. Your Driving Lesson Should Have A Firm Objective

Again this is extremely important! A goal must always be set for each and every driving lesson.

You should always know what is expected of you and what you will be learning.

Driving around does not help you learn to drive!











No 5. Your Driving Lessons Should Be Structured To Ensure Your Learning

There is no doubt that we learn new skills in our own individual way. Driving is no different.

Your driving lessons should be structured as a course of lessons that loosely follow a pre-determined path from easy to grasp to more challenging.

The roads that you practice on should be suitable for your experience and skill level.

Your lesson plan should be adjusted or changed when necessary to correct any important faults and ensure maximum learning.














No 6. Your Driving Lesson Summary

Imagine reading a factual article without a summary at the end! You wouldn’t quite understand or remember exactly what you have read.

A driving lesson is no different. A discussion should be had to go over the skills learnt, high-lighting the strengths and weaknesses and what should be practiced on the next lesson.











No 7. Be Honest With Yourself, Be Positive, And Be Ready

Don’t kid yourself! Are you still making errors on your lessons?

Most learners think that they will somehow drive better on the driving test than they do on their lessons. This sometimes happens but is very rare. Imagine if you did manage to pass your test but still drove inconsistently on your lessons….would you then be safe on the road with no one supervising?

Failing the driving test due to ‘nerves’ is a common complaint. But think about this- if you drive consistently on your lessons without committing any serious errors you will not be ‘nervous’ when you sit your test! It pays to be ready first time around. How long are the driving test waiting times in your area?












No 8. Your Instructors Advice Is Invaluable

Your driving instructors assessment of your driving ability comes from in-depth training and experience. It would be wise to listen and take heed. Your instructor can advise when you are ready to pass the driving test.

All driving schools in Edinburgh, and the Lothians are certainly not the same. 

It is absolutely vital that each and every driving lesson that you pay for- has a clear objective set, and agreed upon at the beginning of the lesson. This is the paramount to ensure your training follows a structured path. You need to know what is expected of you and how you are going to achieve it. Without a set objective it will be very difficult for you to make maximum progress and your money will be wasted.

Aimless driving around? Sadly this sums up the experience of many learner drivers. You will not progress if at the end of your lesson you feel that you just drove around! Aimless driving around=Lack of progression. There is no getting away from this. Unfortunately, too many driving lessons are like this- no planning, no objective, and no progress!

Our driving instructors do things differently.

We will set mini objectives for your driving lessons. This will break things down into manageable chunks and simplify the overall objective. This is very easy to do. So instead of setting one objective for your entire lesson we will still set an overall objective but will then break it down into bite-size, manageable objectives, that will enable you to grasp the concepts gradually and more easily.

Check out our many test passes. 

Are you frustrated with your lack of progress? Is your driving instructor delivering the results you expect? Join us and experience the customer satisfaction that you have been missing. To us you are not just an hourly rate. We want you to succeed. We want you to be the best driver that you can be. We want you to be as safe as possible. We want you to be confident when you get your licence and able to manage driving independently on any road.

Read our many customer reviews on our main website and see how we have helped out others.

Do you continually commit faults on your driving lessons? Does your driving instructor help you correct this once and for all?
This is probably the most common issue that will effect you if you have a substandard driving instructor. It is true that everyone learns new skills at different rates, however, many learner drivers can and should progress much quicker if driving faults are analysed properly. The analysis of your faults should be complete yet simple:

1)Your faults should first be identified- it is as easy as it seems.
2)Your faults should then be analysed- this is the most important part; why is this fault occurring. This can be broken down into four areas= Knowledge, Understanding, Practice, or Attitude.
3)Your faults should then be fixed based on the analysis above; either teach, explain, practice, and/or persuade.

Does this happen on your driving lessons?

Many of our customers are happy to send us a review of their learning experience- we were particularly happy to receive the following review from Sarah Agnew, a school teacher from Edinburgh-

“I chose the capital driving school as I was wanting to take an intensive driving course to pass my test within a certain time and saw the great reviews and great prices that they offer. I found their website when searching on Google. I had previously had lessons a few years ago and was nervous about starting them again. I had expected it to be stressful and not very fun however I have to say my lessons this time round were much better than I had previously had (with a different driving school). The instructor was very calm and patient. His methods were simple and made sense. He always tried to build my confidence by focusing on the good things about my driving whilst also highlighting what I needed to remember in a nice way. He definitely made me feel at ease and comfortable behind the wheel! I will definitely be recommending this driving school to others . The price is great and the course I took was super. The instructor was excellent and got a very nervous driver to pass! Contact with instructor was prompt too.”

On a weekly basis we speak to learner drivers from across the region who feel very unhappy with and let down by the service they receive from their current driving instructor or school. These complaints often shock me and sometimes infuriate me. It is not rocket science to teach someone to drive and to ensure that their needs are met throughout the process. I believe that many driving instructors take the lazy approach and just sit in the passenger seat while you drive around committing fault after fault and not progressing much. This is unacceptable. You deserve so much more.

Below is a list the most common complaints we hear-

1)My driving instructor shouted or swore at me when I made mistakes.
2)My driving instructor continually cancelled lessons on me without any notice.
3)My driving instructor made me drive about aimlessly.
4)I am not making any progress.
5)My driving instructor doesn’t involve me in the learning process.
6)I can’t master the manoeuvres.
7)I have been learning to drive for a very long time.

You are the customer, demand better. If there is any doubt whatsoever about the quality of instruction or service you receive then make an immediate decision to find the driving school that you deserve. All driving schools are definitely not the same! That is guaranteed. You are worth so much more. We estimate that about 30% of all learner drivers are unhappy with their current driving instructor but believe that all instructors/schools are the same. If you would like to find out how we can help you then delay no more and call our customer service team at 0131 237 1106.

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